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Toilet Paper Rolls Making Machine

This machine is for making toilet paper rolls, kitchen towels and maxi rolls , the whole structure is wall-board type, which make machine running stably at high speed, and noiseless.

Facial Tissue Paper Machine

V folding color lamination facial tissue & hand towel paper machine process paper material after embossing, cut off, interfold become V fold, The products are widely used in hotels, office, kitchen and so on. It’s convenient and health. This machine can folding,slitting,counting,with high speed,output orderliness.

Napkin Paper Machine

Embossing Napkin Folding Machine is to cut through the paper tray after embossing and automatically folded into a square or rectangular-shaped napkin open. Clear and bright overlay accuracy, high speed stationary, is the processing of special equipment for high-grade napkins.

Jumbo Roll Slitting Machine

Fully automatic jumbo roll slitter rewinder for jumbo rolls slitting, rewinding. Rewinding and slitting from single layer to two ply, three ply, or four ply different sizes jumbo rolls, used to fold paper towels, napkins, facial tissue and so on. This machine have good mechanical performance, the whole structure is compact and reasonable, comprehensive use pneumatic devices, high-speed stable operation, easy to operate, rewinding and firm, and is an ideal machinery to matching paper mill, and received the unanimous esteem from customers.

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